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Not long after the war in Ukraine started, a young Ukrainian lady called Olha contacted me and asked me if I could help her, this is her story:


Olha works for a toy factory near to Lviv in Ukraine where 500 women and men are working hard making toys, despite the war that is ravaging their country around them. They are still working because they need to earn money to support their children, families and their country.They are making toys out of eco friendly, sugarcane bio-plastic so their toys are not only fun and help to develop a child's motor skills but they are also better for the environment. Some of the toys are made from up-cycled moulds which have been used to reduce cost and waste.


Olha needed someone to help her sell her toys here in the UK and as I am a retail consultant who specialises in supporting conscious maternity, baby and children's brands and retailers, I felt that I simply had to help her! I wanted to reach out to Mums here in the UK and give them an opportunity to help the factory workers and the children of Ukraine by buying an eco friendly toy for their own child.  

When you buy a toy from PLAYING FOR PEACE TOYS we will donate all of the profit to support the vital work that War Child is doing across the world, working with local charities giving support to children who are suffering physically and mentally from the effects of war. By buying these toys you can help the people still working in the factory and our planet too. If you would prefer to make a pledge, we will still donate the profit to War Child and we will donate the toy to a child having cancer treatment at Addenbrookes Hopsital.






Nicola Perring

Mother, female business owner, supporter of children.

(If would like to buy wholesale please email me at


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